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This page talks about my favorite movies... I like comedies, but every now and then a good drama rules.

Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Carl Weathers, Bob Barker (no joke). PG-13, Comedy. 1996
 Adam Sandler plays a rejected hockey player who finds out his grandma hasn't paid taxes in years and the IRS will take her house. He has to get money for her house, so he finds out he can hit a golf ball like 500 yards and stuff. He is constantly tearing up the game. He fights his caddy, curses, and lays the smack down on Bob Barker, his partner. In the end, he wins a championship with a super putt with his hockey stick putter. This is a classic comedy everybody should see... seriously!!!

Gale Force

Treat Williams, Nikita Ager. Rated R, but isn't that bad. 2002 Action/Drama (Really a comedy at heart)
A bunch of idiots are sent to an island for a new reality game show called Treasure Hunt. While they are there, they encounter a lot of crap. It turns out, mercenaries are there for the treasure too, and will eliminate any other players. In the midst of it all, there is a hurricane that hits the island.
The movie is so low budget, it turns into a comedy. Some guy shoots a grenade across a pond onto a huge part of the island. All of a sudden, the whole side of the island blows up. The players are running in the rain, stop at a building, and are perfectly dry. A man stands under a tree and gets hit by lightning, yet the tree is fine. The man mysteriously disappears. To save on budget, it borrows scenes from: Last Action Hero, Predator, and Bat-21. I recommend watching this movie, only if you want to die laughing at how poorly it was made, which is what makes it so darn funny.

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron. 2000 Drama
A war veteran golfer, Rannulph Junuh (Damon) has lost his game in the war. When asked to play in a charity event so that Adele Invergordon (Theron) doesn't have to sell the golf course her father built before he cracked and killed himself in the Great Depression. He goes out, at night, and starts hitting balls all over the woods. All of a sudden, a mystical caddy named Bagger Vance (Smith) shows up and promises Junuh a caddy for 5 dollars.
Junuh ends up accepting the challenge, and with the help of Bagger Vance he regains his swing. Being many strokes back, when he recovers his swing he takes off and starts to lay the smack down on the other golfers. Of course, he ends up winning the match, etc... this is a very well made movie that has somewhat of an actual story behind it. Since I like comedies, if it wasn't that good I wouldn't say it was!!!

Joe Dirt

David Spade, Brittany Daniel, Christopher Walken, Dennis Miller, Kid Rock. PG-13, 2001 Comedy.
Joe Dirt is a lonesome loser with a mullet and acid washed blue jeans who is dumped by his trailer trash parents at the Grand Canyon in a trash can. He sets off on a journey to find them, which he does, and finds out they left him in a trash can on purpose because he was dirt. He gets on a talk show with some guy (Miller) and tells his story of his girlfriend Brandy (Daniel) a jerk who constantly lays the smack down on him (Kid Rock) and an old mob boss constantly under witness protection named Clem (Walken).
He gets reunited with his girlfriend after falling off a bridge and tearing up his head. He has a new family and a new car, which replaced his old Plymouth Superbird (Yes, the one with the big spoiler on the back twice the size of the car itself). It is replaced with a Plymouth GTX??? with a Hemi, of course. No, it isn't a Dodge. He drives off and lives happily ever after... wow.

The Blues Brothers

John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd. PG-13 (I think), 1980 Action/Comedy
Jake Blues (Belushi) and his brother Elwood (Aykroyd) find out that the place where they were raised by nuns is going to be sold unless they come up with the 5 thousand dollar tax owed in 11 days. They go on the road to bring back their blues, but end up ticking everybody off and getting like 500 police cars after them. Of course, their old "black and white" retired police car is their vehicle. Not only does it do 130, it ends up throwing a rod and blowing oil all over the windshield, yet still sounds like a 67 Cobra and goes 120.
Nearly every police car in the movie is demolished in an accident or two. The army, SWAT team, and fire department of Chicago are all involved in the end. For the rest, watch the frickin' movie!!

Blazing Saddles

Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens. 1974 Comedy/Western
A bad and evil political boss freak man named Taggart (Pickens) wants to ruin the town of Rock Ridge. He appoints a black sherriff named Bart (Little) to ruin the town for him. Turns out, Bart is accepted into the town and turns into Taggart's worst enemy. Bart teams up with The Waco Kid (Wilder) who has the fastest hands in the world; when he's not wasted.
The sherriff saves the town from a guy named Mongo, who is a brute of a man. If you shoot him, it just makes him mad. Bart finally catches Mongo and chains him to the jail bars while he sleeps. When he wakes up, he automatically breaks the chains and joins Bart and The Kid in their quest to save the town, which of course they do. Duh.

Canadian Bacon

John Candy, Alan Alda, Rhea Perlman. Guest appearance by Dan Aykroyd. 1995 Comedy.
The U.S. president, (Alda), is low in his popularity polls so he gets talked into starting a cold war with Canada. The sheriff from Niagara Falls Bud Boomer (Candy) reacts a little much to it... while at a hockey game in Canada, he screams out "Canadian Beer Sucks" and the whole rink turns into a brawl that brings death and destruction. Well, kindof. On the road with his deputies driving a truck that has all kinds of anti-Canadian writing on the side, they are pulled over by a cop (Aykroyd) who looks at the side of the truck with all the slang. He tells them that anything written in english must also be written in french, so he hands them a can of spray paint and makes them paint Canada Sucks, etc. in french.
Of course, no war is started with Canada after Code Red is activated. Yeah, sure. Hey, while we're at it, lets take control of the space needle! Haha... it is funny as heck though. You must watch it...

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