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Creative Writing

Creative Writing... isn't it great??

This is a page of my creative writing. I know it may be strange and hard to understand... but if you try, you will see a meaning in it. I promise.


"In the opened closed door, someone came out of nothing but filled up the space in the door lock. I helped out making it work without making it work under the most intense pressure of low magnification, at a wonderful mountain site. As I was turning the round handle that only moves up and down, I made a verbal use of car dust. The five wheels on the canoe were going flat but I popped in a Pop-Tart and ate bacon and eggs, but you understand the meaning of the last standing marsupial amphibian mountain bike. Just turn to the left and use the spaceless amount of space you had to start without first, but it doesn't make tire rubber-plastic, so just Do It. Make a lemon colored yellow flavored shoe string not on a tea bottle but under a desk full of nothing but yet full of space. The Chicago Bulls are in the room. I heard from a man with nothing in his hands who was giving me what he had in his hands that it was my choice but the decision was up to him. I did fill in the blank completely, but left out part of it. When I got in my car full of nothing but space and headed down the river I got lost at my house. When I talked to a guy who had nothing to do but was very busy he told me that dogs and mountain lions don't get along because bears live in the woods."

"The Great White North"
"I saw a shoe that only spoke French in an English accent but could feel and break a molecule. I was walking under a sign that only made me smaller by magnifying me in a supreme notice letter that wasn't black in a dark shade. The letter of a certain strawberry sharpened pencil sharper rope handle. As the train took off down south, no one handed Marcepelniotis a thing of coffee or fruit loops. Put the marker on the shelf. Don was a 90 year-old young living spirit that was still dying of the apple he picked in southern Mexico, just off the coast of Greenland. Sdrawkcab is backwards. The overhead from the last section bled for a mountain of innocent mercy in a yellow snow come beneath the scissors. The green string lead forward but bent backwards to fix the shelf of the neighbors hubcap. An old found new looking mat of the truck for thousands of nights from Easter's yesterdays. Remember to unbuckle your seatbelt before you get out of your car. I looked at myself not in a mirror but under the car seat but made crayon marker pens. I left monday and got back in a few minutes because my car wouldn't start with a mountain pick. The only reason that the mountains aren't grown in your back yard is not because shoe strings get tied around nothing but air, but because Singeranomoice is older than his father but younger than his mother. At the same time, all trees grow in the woods."

"Soul Fury"
"The notebook said that the main street of Easley is left with melting painted pictures only to fix the number 265 number on page 265 in the book of lost pages. In a can with nothing but everything in it with left over burnt Mississippi river foot prints to look and make windows for the every use in it of the place where you can use it since it is yours and belongs to us when you may need to fix the music desk. the clock said 5, but clicked 10 until it was time to wake up for the undergoing sub train. There is a man hoping to get a black shirt with rainbow suspendors to get the 8 basketball soup kitchen to work right if you were to fix the red pen from making blueprints. And try to keep in mind that the opened door that is closed is containing everything, but is full of nothing but something. When you fall into the river after getting off a train driving down East-West Second Street. There is no way around the truth but to lie about telling the truth. Go put gas in the school boat. I am sure that you believe you know what I said, but I assure you that what you think I said is most definately not what I meant. What part of NO don't you not understand when you are saying yes? Don't forget to leave your amygdala at home before you go ride the roller coaster."

"Your problem is simple yet confusing and easy to understand:

You went out to your car to drive to a place where you've never been but saw before. On the way to the place you remember but never saw, you saw a bear in the street playing video games with Michael Jackson. Fred came home to a house in his childhood where he never grew up. Just then, he got on a raft and paddled to the grocery store where he bought a new car and drove across the Atlantic. When he got to Europe where he was born but not at home, he realized that all dog houses are made on shingles but not pancakes because elephants don't like strawberries. Now, once you realized that your shoe lace was untied while you were wearing flip-flops, you turned around to the right but fell off the bridge and landed on a boat under the water next to a sunken tree that was breathing fresh mountain air. Now do you see what you aren't seeing that your problem is?"

Miscellaneous Creative Statements
"When you notice that your raft is floating down north up the stream and flowing through the open closed door you will understand that the only reason air on mercury is a form of cool heat, is because bears live in the woods."
"The way that leads left in a forward direction but travels to the southern north pole in Africa"

"When you get on a raft on a river that flows south and end up in the north, you go to a flat plain where you are at the highest peak. Just then, you realize that the only way that a saw can cut down a building is by a chair falling over."

"Wrapped plastic milk straws only melt the sun because of the cold weather in northern Mexico near Alaska"

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